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Zennegar is a province of Arzu in Arcanium.

The Zennegarians never bring their fell beasts to the north, lest Zakar behold them and smite them with his lightning.

~ Obliar Sparrow, Everian scout


From the official site:

In Zennegar, the Law of the Wild prevails above all: Only the strong survive, and everything else exists to nourish the strong.

Zennegarians are war-loving race, eager for battle and conquest. They have no fear of death and as such have little use for tactics or strategy where brute force will suffice. They understand that theirs is a fleeting existence, and are willing to take pleasure where they find it. If they are not fighting, they are feasting, drinking, or involved in some kind of merry-making.

Zennegar stands in stark contrast to its neighbor, Anador. Whereas the Anadorians seek harmony with Nature, the Zennegarians seek to feed on it to grow stronger. The Anadorians prefer order and discipline; the Zennegarians believe in aggression and unbridled emotion. As such, both peoples share an antagonistic relationship and skirmishes often break out on their shared border.

Zennegar was the only Province to thrive in the Great War, having allied itself early on with the Scorched Army. Lured by Akhan’s promise of power, Zennegar committed to an alliance, harassing Valoria’s flank and raiding the croplands.

Near the end of the war, they received clemency from Valoria by switching sides and showing the Alliance an alternate route into the Scorched Lands. Later on, they then ended up swearing fealty to the new King of Everia. Zennegarians rationalized that this still in accordance with their Law, as the strong follow only the strong.​

The capital of Tyrantor is a testament to their belief in strength. Nestled between three denuded mountains, it is composed of several towering granite pyramids. Platforms stretch across each one, connecting one tower to another in a maze of wooden structures. Stone columns can be found at each street corner, each one filled with carvings that tell of Zennegar’s proud history of mastering their foes. Even more colored murals adorn the insides of the pyramids and the central Skull Ziggurat.

The Zennegar Arcanium lies in the center of this vast wooden structure—an arena of flame-blasted stone, filled with braziers and skull-mounted torches that are lit at all times, its air filled with the din of combat and an audience lusting for blood.

The Zennegarian Army is composed of assassins, warriors, and shamans. The higher ranked warriors wear the feathers or skulls of beasts they have killed. Unlike other Provinces, they did not exterminate the corrupted beasts of Akhan at the War’s end. Instead, they captured as many as they could and, much to the disgust of other Provinces, tamed them into serving as steeds and shock troopers.

The Zennegarian King, Morog Skullcrusher, is devoted to one thing: the expansion of Zennegar’s borders and a return to the level of power they achieved back in the Great War. To wit, he uses his Arcanium’s energy solely to empower his warriors and shamans. He chafes at Everia’s leash, but with Everia’s attention focused on the problems of Meridia and Nova, Zennegar now has more leeway to act on its own.