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Title The Warden Ranger
Class Marksman
Province Anador

Tara is a province of Arzu in Arcanium.

And yet, the arcane gleam of her eyes and the runic symbols on her bow and arrows suggest even more mystery than that of your average woodland ranger.


Trap Mastery.png Trap Mastery Tara draws one of three traps at random: Icy Trap, Arcane Trap and Explosive Trap. She then throws the trap at an enemy hero that will trigger under specific conditions
Molten Arrow.png Molten Arrow Tara shoots her target with a special molten arrow that deals 48 damage and makes her target Vulnerable for 30 seconds
Obsidian Arrow.png Obsidian Arrow Tara draws an enchanted arrow that ricochets and deals 232 damage to two targets in a row
Heartseeker Arrow.png Heartseeker Arrow
Tara launches a magic arrow, infused with a rare rune of precision that will seek the enemy target's vitals and deal a massive 464 damage


From the official site:

Tara is the best marksman of the Woodland Wardens, even though she was born blind.

Ever since childhood, the blind falcon girl was obsessed with the Wardens who defended Sansea, the Mother Tree at the heart of Anador. Fearless warriors and rangers all, the Wardens had the sharpest eyes in the woods. They simply couldn’t accept a blind girl into their ranks.

But Tara was stubborn and persistent to a fault. She trained her other senses to listen to the Wardens from her high perches above them. Every time she was caught, she would learn a better way to hide. Soon she was following parties of pathfinders and sentinels deep into uncharted woods, learning and mimicking the ways of the Wardens despite never undergoing formal training.

When she came of age, she joined a recruiting camp for the Wardens and excelled in every field—even archery—despite her handicap. By all accounts, she was the perfect candidate. But the Wardens still rejected her. They didn’t want a weak link to break the whole chain.

Tara fled in tears to a hidden stream where she learned to hide long ago. But she could hear someone else, gently flapping their wings just above the stream. The creature revealed itself to be an aspect of the great Sansea, the Mother Tree, lifeblood of the woods and all that grew from the earth. It beckoned Tara forth and wiped away her tears. And when Tara opened her eyes, she saw for the first time.

The creature took the form of a beautiful water sprite, cerulean from wing to toe and wreathed in moonlight. Tara promised the sprite she would dedicate her life to protecting and honoring Sansea as a life debt for this gift. Smiling, the sprite sank into the stream and vanished. Returning to the Wardens armed with her original heightened senses and her new arcane vision, Tara performed twice as well at the trials than before. The Wardens wouldn’t dare reject a warrior gifted by the Mother Tree.

In the years since, Tara has used her skills at tracking, hiding, and scouting along with her incredibly sharp vision to move up the ranks of the Wardens and become Head Warden. Despite this, she still enjoys disappearing into the woods to protect its denizens, alone and unseen, like when she was a girl. Her desire to better herself eventually led her to competing in Arcanium tournaments, where she fights for the glory of the Mother Tree.