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Scorched Lands is a province of Arzu in Arcanium.

The darkness descended from above—a great, swallowing void that scratched ash and fire into the sky. In just a single day, the Province of Elysia was no more.

~ The Orcanor Scrolls


From the official site:

East of the verdant Anadorian Forest lies a Province of nightmarish contrast. Few places have seen more suffering and evil than the Scorched Lands: the power of the dark moon Umbra has blackened the ground, robbed rivers of fish, and filled the very air with smoke and volcanic ash. Twisted monstrosities wander the wastes, and only the hardiest plants grow on its wretched soil.

The Scorched Lands was born from two ancient evils. The first was the curse of Umbra, when the Dark Moon hurled the Black Shard into Elysia, destroying much of the Province. The second was the callousness of the Valorian Empire in turning away hundreds of thousands of Elysian refugees just to spite its former rival. These events gave rise to the terror that was Akhan, Champion of the Dark Moon and Reaver of Arzu.

The Scorched Landers have endured much hardship, and their own hearts have hardened in response. Since Akhan’s defeat in the Great War and the rise of the Witch Wall, Scorched Landers have been kept a virtual prisoner in their own Province. But that does not make them powerless. Far from it.

Nowhere in Arzu can one find a greater concentration of warlords and dark priests. The Umbran Order holds complete sway over the populace of the Scorched Lands. Behind the iron walls of the capital city Obisidia, the Order toils to build up the Scorched Army once again. And in the looming fortress of Shadowhold, Prelate Mabruk Gravekin uses the energy from the Obisidian Arcanium to feed the Black Shard, hoping that it will grant him the same power it gave to Akhan.

His efforts proved fruitless, however, as the Shard has remained silent for years. So for now the Umbran Order must wait in frustration as the Witch Wall and its Anadorian Rangers keep them in check.

Nevertheless, the Scorched Landers believe that Akhan will one day return and lead them once more in glory. Till then, they grow their strength from the power of the Arcanium games.