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Nova is a province of Arzu in Arcanium.

Our secrets must remain our own. Such power is better off with wiser hands, and none are wiser than ours.

~ Mirielle Dagoose, First Councilman


From the official site:

The province of Nova is a marvel of architecture and technology. Since its secession from the Valorian Empire at the end of the Great War, Nova has thrown itself into an unrelenting quest for technological advancement. The result is a remarkable 500 years of unmatched progress.

Novans have succeed in automating their farming process, leading to an abundance of food and a higher quality of life. With the invention of turbines, they gained the ability to harvest the sun, wind, and sea for energy to feed their cities. Turbine itself is known for its variety of tall steel towers forming the city center, with a network of smaller shops, garages, and workshops radiating outwards.

Novans also harness their Arcanium crystals to power their machines and weapons. All told, this level of advancement allowed Novans to become the best-fed, happiest, and wealthiest people in the Realm.

Perhaps the Novan’s proudest achievement, however, is the Mecharmor. Worn exclusively by their elite Myridon soldiers, Mecharmors are advanced military equipment that require years of intense training to safely operate. Mecharmors may vary in size and shape, it usually is a thick exoskeleton powered by a core energy crystal. Mecharmors may be modified as per a soldier’s requests: some prefer a plasma canon to replace their arm, while others prefer to smash enemies with massive fists called Pulverizers. Some favor the increased protection of additional armor and shields, while others prefer lighter armor for increased mobility or antigravity systems to provide limited flight.

The Novan capital of Turbine is home to the brightest minds, engineers and scientists from all over Arzu. The city center sports a mecha market, where citizens may sell their inventions and other curios. The city is also home to the Telosian Colleges, which teach Novan technocraft to apprentices. Finally, the Novan Arcanium said to be the grandest building in the realm and a feat of technology and architecture.

A true technocracy, Nova is led by the nine members of Council of Steel, each one of them is a scholar and a leader of their field. The First Councilman, Mirielle Falchion-Daucourt, maintains order and promotes learning throughout their society.

Their pursuit of technology has given birth to Telos—the first Spirit to have been created from mortal actions. Taking the form of electricity, Telos knows and sees all that happen in the Province. The Novans worship him as the Spirit of Progress and Industry.

The Novan government goes through great lengths to keep its secrets safe. Their automated turrets will gun down any foreign intruder wandering a bit too close to its mechanical parts factory. Regardless, Novans remain open to sharing their food supplies with other provinces, especially during long winters. They will also send small contingents of Myrmidons to help contain various threats, particularly from the Black Shard.

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