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Norsca is a province of Arzu in Arcanium.

Furious as a storm wind, relentless as a glacier, still as a forest, majestic as the Pole Star, from south to north, only you reign supreme.

~ Ode to the Icegaze Clan


From the official site:

Norsca is a land of tundras, glaciers, ice floes, and an eternal winter. Most nights the aurora glistens in the sky, but in others, snowstorms turn it into a howling white landscape. Over the centuries the Frozen North has turned so inhospitable that few believe anything could survive there for long. But the hardy Norscans prove them wrong.

Subsisting on hunting, whaling, and what meager vegetation they can farm, Norscans subsist in an icy environment where others would simply starve. Their current High Chieftain, Ankmar Icegaze, fights a constant battle just to keep his people alive.

During the Great War, Norsca was among the first to answer the Valorian Empire’s call to arms against the Scorched Army. Their fierce defense against the Void’s forces roused the Black Shard’s ire. In spite, it cursed many of Norsca’s fauna, creating monstrous beasts that prey on the unwary. Many an outlander has told wild tales from the Norscan Wilds, of ferocious Ice Wyrms a hundred feet long, and Wooly Tuskers trampling their camps underfoot, and the dreaded Northern Kraken laying waste to coastal towns.

To this day, Norscans hunt the wilds to destroy these corrupted creatures, such that it has become a rite of passage for each aspiring warrior.

Yet corrupted creatures are not the worst hazards of the Province. The Norscans must deal with a mysterious and fearsome phenomenon: the deadly coldfire, bluish flames created when the Northern Lights touch the ground. The flames burn so cold that it freezes anything it touches—and only oil may stop it. Left on its own, coldfire can turn tundras into glaciers and entire cities to fine snow.

The North is devoted to the Spirit of Zakar, the Immortal Hurricane, who watches over their lands. His devotees in the Church of Storms have committed themselves to preserving the ways of their people. The Church has trained the most number of barbarians, berserkers, and frost mages in Arzu. In their capital city of Frostheim, the Norscans have raised an Arcanium shaped like a crystal fortress, a place where their Champions hone their skills in honor of Zakar. The Norscans hope that the energy gathered from the Arcanium may help their civilization survive the dangers of the encroaching wilderness.