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Mythra is a province of Arzu in Arcanium.

When you fight, O monks, remember that every strike draws its strength from the earth beneath your feet. And when your fist thunders against your foe, O monks, let it speak the legacy of Sirrus.

~ Sijo Orlan Wan-Kai, Grey Willow School


From the official site:

Mythra - or in the tongue of its citizens, the Floating Land - is famous for its dreamlike vistas: cloud-wreathed mountains, green valleys, vast plateaus, placid lakes, and sparkling waterfalls.

The capital city of Cloud Mesa sits on a high plateau, easily defendable against an army. Its slopes had been engineered into rice paddies to help feed its burgeoning population. Hot springs bubble up from the plateau and form a waterfall that feeds the valley below.

Each day, martial artists of every school come to train and spar on the ledges and open spaces of the plateau. Scholars and artists think and dream in its pagodas. Mythra is a haven for those who seek for mysticism, philosophy, and peace.

Yet it was not always so. During the early days of the Great War, the Scorched Army took the Province by surprise, conquering a majority of Mythra in weeks. Unprepared for such an assault, the Mythrans fell back to their capital of Cloud Mesa, and there they held off a siege for many years.

Finally, when all seemed lost, the divine Sirrus broke the Spirits’ unspoken rule of non-interference. Taking on his avatar form of the Living Mountain, he drove the Scorched Army from the capital and blocked the mountain pass to the city.

But it was when Akhan himself came to do battle that Sirrus knew the number of his days. After a 7-day battle, Akhan shattered the Living Mountain into a thousand pieces. But Sirrus’s sacrifice bought enough time for Alliance reinforcements to arrive. In the end, Cloud Mesa was saved.

The horrors of the Great War led many Mythrans to reexamine their pacifist stance. Over the last 500 years, they created new orders of warriors: samurai, warrior monks, and the fabled ninja. Their mystics have also exhibit amazing spiritual power—their philosophical and peaceful approach allows them to be resistant to magic.

Mythrans continue to venerate Sirrus despite his death. They embedded the holy Sirrus Stones into their Arcanium and dedicate each battle to his name. Their mystics have also created the first Golems from various materials—clay, stone, and now, diamond. With its army and a proud martial tradition, Mythra has created one of the strongest militaries in the world.