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Title The Ancient Arcanist
Class Mage
Province Uzir

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Mozebus is a hero in Arcanium.

Mozebus may look like a crazy old tortoise - because he is. His eyes are always wide open so he never misses anything interesting. Despite his senile appearance, he is brilliant in the ways of magic and wears his knowledge like a decoration

Orb of Annihilation.png Orb of Annihilation Mozebus hurls a massive orb of arcane energy that travels slowly to the enemy and deals 460 damage.
Arcane Volley.png Arcane Volley Mozebus hurls a massive orb of arcane energy that travels slowly to the enemy and deals 460 damage.
Void Blast.png Void Blast Mozebus casts a powerful blast of void energy at his target, dealing 50 damage to enemies within the area and absorbing any beneficial effects.
Arcane Tempest.png Arcane Tempest
Mozebus conjures a deadly torrent of arcane energy that deals 126 damage to enemies within the area and Silences them for 18 seconds.


From the official site:

As a young tortoise, Mozebus didn’t believe in magic. Sure, magic was everywhere in the Everian capital of Vangaard where he was born, but its inherently “magical” (read: illogical) nature convinced him it was nothing but smoke and mirrors. Mozebus believed in science, not fairy tales.

The magicians of the Arcanists’ Guild kept to themselves and their studies, only venturing out of their tower for wars or annual firework spectacles. Mozebus considered the solitude suspicious, and thought he could prove the arcanists as frauds if he could sneak inside their tower and find evidence against them.

Hiding in his shell, Mozebus managed to smuggle himself inside a supply cart bound for the Arcanists’ Guild. It worked—he was inside. He poured through tomes and scrolls in search of secrets to the arcanists’ power, but it was all just as mysterious as they were. It wasn’t until he stumbled into a shelf of alchemical vials and watched in horror as the combined potions manifested into a slime monster that he began to think this magic thing wasn’t so phony after all.

Lacking for weapons to defend himself with, Mozebus took up a nearby magic staff and recited the last spell he’d read. To his surprise, a blast of wintry frost rushed from his staff and froze the monster solid.

So began Mozebus’s obsession with magic.

The arcanists were simultaneously furious and impressed with the young tortoise. Ultimately, they invited him to join their guild—the youngest acolyte the Arcanists’ Guild had ever seen. That was over a century ago.

In the time since, Mozebus has studied every form of magic under the moons, going so far as to travel the world (very slowly) to learn the arcane ways of every province and record them in his personal grimoire, which he always kept securely fastened to his belt. He had a rune etched into every scute of his shell, obtained a beautiful staff carved from the Mother Tree herself, and even visited the Scorched Lands, barely making it out alive.

The wisdom and knowledge gained from his worldly experience filled his head with almost too much to contain. It’s difficult to understand Mozebus at the best of times, as he speaks excitedly and punctuates most of his sentences with mad cackles. Despite his seeming madness, no one can deny that he is one of the finest arcanists the world has ever known.

Mozebus never lost his childlike curiosity and sense of wonder. Even as an old man, he often comes across as an excitable child when facing something new and exciting. Arcaniums are one such example. With their history as points of concentrated magical energy, Mozebus considers them the ideal locations to test his magic and see just how far he can push his powers.