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Title The Ardent Paladin
Class Tank
Province Everia

Leon is a hero in Arcanium.

His thick tower shield is marked by the paladin emblem: the white moon above a radiant hammer. When he speaks a battle prayer, holy magic floods the sword’s gap with Illuna’s divine light.


Fortify.png Fortify Leon gains Absorb for the duration (Return all damage taken as Armor for 25 seconds).
Holy Bulwark.png Holy Bulwark Leon grants 100 Armor to himself and allied targets within the area, for 45 seconds
Fierce Roar.png Fierce Roar Leon emits an intimidating roar, dealing 68 damage to enemies within the area and Weakening them for 40 seconds
Divine Aura.png Divine Aura
Leon grants Immunity to himself and allied targets within the area, for 12 seconds


From the official site:

Few come into Leonard’s presence without feeling a certain sense of awe. At full height, the towering paladin stands six and a half feet tall, every inch of him covered in muscle. A red-gold mane surrounds his noble face and a faint scar lances down his left eye. He speaks with a voice once feels as well as hears, a rumbling that could turn into a roar at any time. It is a voice of a commander, one that brooks no disobedience.

Yet his most impressive quality is the aura of goodness surrounding him. His presence alone inspires hope among his allies and terror from his foes. The squires he trains look up to him not out of fear, but for leadership and guidance.

In combat, Leonard wears thick heavy plate armor that has been pocked and dented many times. His training in heavy arms and armor has gifted him with powerful limbs, such that he can swing a greatsword one-handed while wielding his enormous shield.

His thick tower shield is marked by the paladin emblem: the white moon above a radiant hammer. With his right hand, he wields a twin-bladed greatsword that resembles a large, sharp prong. At the bottom of the hilt is a diamond pommel he can use for striking at close range. When he speaks a battle prayer, holy magic floods the sword’s gap with Illuna’s divine light. Most minions of Umbra are struck by fear and have a difficult time getting close to him, giving him a significant advantage in combat.

Si vis pacem para bellum—“If you love peace, prepare for war”—is the motto of the Dawnbringers, the order of paladins and clerics that Leonard belongs to. Like any good soldier, Leonard lives that saying each day of his life.

A native of Everia, Leonard was born to a poor family of farmers in the Province’s countryside. While returning from Meridia, they were attacked by a Zennegarian raiding party. Leonard was the sole survivor, saved by the timely intervention of a Dawnbringer patrol led by the paladin Zared. It was then that Leonard vowed to join their ranks as a paladin himself, with Zared as his patron and mentor.

Leonard speaks little, content with using as few words as possible, and when he does so talk he speaks with deliberate care. His mother once said that his mind grinds slow yet exceptionally small. Still, when faced with danger, he will rush to attack or defend his people without hesitation.

Leonard began his career as an all-too-naïve squire, but this quickly changed as the ravages of battle soon crept up on him. Now approaching middle age, he has truly earned his veteran status. While no longer enthralled by the lure of blood and violence, he still willingly takes up the sword to protect the helpless and less fortunate. He sees combat in the Arcanium not as a way to gain status or renown, but as a service to his country and his people.

Deep within Leonard is a seething anger and bitterness towards Zennegar and the followers of Umbra. Though he tries to swear off any thought of revenge or hatred, he has never truly come to terms with the tragedy of his childhood.

As an elite warrior of Everia’s militia, Leonard has adopted the fighter’s style: heavy armor, weaponry, and military tactics. Like the rest of his brothers and sisters, Leonard never fails to take the front line, seeking out to fight the most powerful opponent. Wherever possible, he employs healing magic to keep his comrades-in-arm in the fight.

Leonard adheres to the paladin ideals: virtue, valor, respect for the universal balance, and following the tenets of Illuna and the Dawnbringers. He is comfortable taking a commanding position, but is willing to give way if a more capable leader is present.

While he fights the wicked, he does all he can not to give way to wickedness himself.