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Title The Sewers Terror
Class Fighter
Province Zennegar

Hemlock is a hero in Arcanium.

Hemlock is swift and deadly, easy to miss in a crowd due to his ability to hide in plain sight. He has mastered the sewer routes that run throughout the city, and uses cunning traps all over his sewer home to deal with pursuers.


Crippling Poison.png
Crippling Poison Hemlock coats his dagger with a potent poison and stabs an enemy, dealing 130 damage over 25 seconds and applying Wound
Acid Bomb.png
Acid Bomb Hemlock lobs a bomb at a target, dealing 90 damage to enemies within the area over 25 seconds
Corrosive Fumes.png
Corrosive Fumes Hemlock spreads a cloud of deadly poison at a location. The cloud travels for 30 seconds, dealing 250 damage over the duration to the enemies it encounters
Unstable Concoction.png
Unstable Concoction
Hemlock hurls himself at the enemy triggering his infamous secret weapon. It deals 240 damage to himself and enemies within the area.


From the official site:

Before he gained the name Hemlock and its corresponding infamy, he was known as Ortus Venin, a native of Zennegar. Unlike his more ruthless compatriots, Venin was a shy and sensitive soul, completely unsuited for life in the great jungle. As a low-ranking member of society, he was forced to work on mundane tasks—brewing poisons and mending leather armor for the assassins.

Having had enough of the low man’s life, Ortus and his younger brother Arin fled Zennegar. They migrated to Everia to escape the violent culture of their home, posing as tailors from Meridia. Talented with their hands, the brothers opened a shop in Vanguard where they made fine leather armor. The Venin Brothers soon gained a following and made a small fortune. Life was good, at least for a time.

Several merchants in the city did not want strangers muscling in on their territory, especially not rats. They raised suspicions about the brother’s origins. When they discovered they were from Zennegar, they quickly spread rumors that the two were criminals and grew their wealth from illegal activities.

Venin’s business suffered, but he didn’t give up hope that the community would accept him. But one night, as the brothers were having dinner together, Arin keeled over in agony. His food had been poisoned.

Suspicion turned on Ortus, claiming he wanted the business for himself. The citizens called for his arrest. Ortus fled to the sewers. When he reemerged again, he had changed. Gone was the veneer of civilized propriety. Only Hemlock remained.

Hemlock is known for his use of deadly traps and toxins. He uses a variety of weapons against his enemies. Poison is his method of choice, the very same method used against him. He has concocted a variety of poisons to coats his blade or crossbow bolts. He also makes use of poison gas bombs, firebombs, and traps.

Hemlock has made his home in the sewers. He possesses an encyclopedic knowledge off all the access tunnels in and around the city, allowing him to travel anywhere without detection.

When a client needs his services, they leave coded signs for him to find in alleys and gutters. Payments are left in dead drop locations he specifies. Hemlock is known to deal viciously with attempts to trap or double-cross him.

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