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Everia is a province of Arzu in Arcanium.

Great Everia. Once called Valoria, it is now a shadow of its former self, but still serves as a bastion for goodness in a darkening world.

~ Encyclopedia Arcanium


From the official site:

Everia, Jewel of the Plains, a richly-storied land that was created when several Provinces broke off from the Valorian Empire near the end of the Great War. With the abdication of the Emperor, a new ruling party formed around the Ironmaynes—paladins who fought to keep the Province free of the Scorched Army. The Ironmaynes subsequently ruled for nearly 500 years.

Despite its diminished state, Everia remains a great power. Its Arcanium, the first ever in the land, opens its games to Champions from every Province and provides energy to its people. Its lush valleys, rolling plains, and rivers allow it to feed the largest population in the continent. It boasts of the largest standing army in modern times, as well as the most powerful heavy knights and cavalry in the land.

Everia prides itself as the land of Heroes. Its citizens claim that their defenders’ blood had watered every inch of their homeland, and each town has its own tale to tell of the Great War. Everia’s greatest Champion, Talyana Ironmayne, died defending the capital city Vangaard from the Black Shard’s Champion, Akhan. Following Talyana’s example, Everia replaced the Valorian tenets of conquest and expansion with justice, equality, and righteousness.

Everians revere the Sacred Trinity, but they love Illuna above all. No other Province produces as many priests from the Order of the White Moon. Even their paladins carry with them Illuna’s radiant blessing. But such faith does carry one drawback: Everians have become suspicious of technology, and as such view the growing power of the Novans to the west with wary eyes.

Regardless, Everia has a vested interest in keeping the peace and holding Illuna’s decree of universal balance. The current head of state, King Auric Ironmayne, leads his allied Provinces in maintaining watch for threats here and abroad. Thus Everia functions as the informal protector of Arzu.