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Title The Chosen Druid
Class Support
Province Anador

Angorn is a hero in Arcanium.

Angorn did not lean on his staff. Such would be an insult to Sansea, his mother, who gifted him with a living branch from her body


Regenerate.png Regenerate Angorn infuses an allied target with nature magic and restores 290 HP over 45 seconds
Life Pulse.png Life Pulse Angorn emits a healing wave that restores 180 HP to allied targets within the area
Wild Sprout.png Wild Sprout Angorn grows a sprout at an allied target's location, that restores 80 HP and Cleanses over 30 seconds
Renewal.png Renewal
Angorn calls upon Sansea to restore 320 HP to the entire squad and revive fallen heroes


From the official site:

Angorn has no father. Before he was born, he was mistaken for stray roots and branches growing out of Sansea, the Mother Tree. It was weeks before anyone realized those little roots and branches were antlers.

Soon, a child of Sansea was born and adopted by the Druid's guild.

They called him Angorn, and he was immediately treated as royalty. His antlers grew like the branches they appeared to be, taking on the shape of antlers but continuing to grow leaves and flowers. The Druids kept his existence to themselves at first, teaching him their ways without risking enemies of Sansea finding him. He learned nature healing at a level that surpassed the druidic masters, all while he was still a fawn. Such natural power was a blessing the Druids knew they could not hide from the world for long.

As a young age, Angorn decided it was time for him to finally explore the World and travel through Anador on a quest to help those most hurt or sick.

The Wardens warned him that he needed to stay and be protected, but Angorn pressed on. The blessing of the Mother Tree was all the protection he needed. It was time he saw the lands he was connected to. Sansea’s roots stretched throughout all of Anador. And all of Anador he would see.

After years wandering the wilds, Angorn grew from a fawn into a mighty stag. His antlers and his staff grew with him. The branch of Sansea turned out to be an nature artifact, which he used to make his healing and benevolent magic even more powerful. He learned to protect himself from bandits and Black Shard minions, and how to aid warriors in the midst of battle.

It would be a long time before he returned to Verdania. Only when the falcon ranger Tara became Head Warden would he venture back. He had spent years healing and protecting the people of Anador. Now he wanted to do more.

The Arcanium was his chance.