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Anador is a province of Arzu in Arcanium.

Never shall she wither, and neither shall we.

~ Vow of all Anadorian Druids

So great is the Anadorians’ enmity for the Scorched Landers that 900 years later the preserved skulls of the Scorched Army generals still adorn the gates of Verdania.

~ Encyclopedia Arcanium


From the official site:

From the eastern marches of Everia to the western border of the Scorched Lands lies a vast ocean of trees—the mighty Province of Anador.

Of all the Provinces of Arzu, Anador suffered the most under the Scorched Army’s assault. Akhan attacked the Emerald Forest first for its resources, quickly taking over the ancient capital of Verdania and enslaving its people. To their agony, he forced them to cut down thousands of trees in order to fuel his war machines. The once enchanting Anador Forest was soon decimated, replaced by a howling wasteland of smoke and ash.

It took many years and untold sacrifices for the Alliance to finally win back their Province, though they found heartbreakingly little to save. Still, hope remained. Sansea herself manifested as a giant tree, half a mile wide and reaching into the clouds at four miles high. As the Mother Tree, she vowed to help restore Anador to its former glory.

Five hundred years after the War, Sansea made good on that vow. The Anadorian Forest now stretches as far as the eye can see. The Mother Tree’s magical aura raised a protective dome that covers the entire forest’s borders. And save for a few pockets of permanent corruption and darkness, Anador has been resurrected at last. In their joy, the Anadorians devoted themselves to Sansea and her creations.

The Anadorians live their lives with utmost respect for nature. They have shaped their civilization around the trees, hills, and rivers of their home, altering their environment only when necessary. Their capital, Verdania, is built around the Mother Tree and within the massive hollow in its trunk.

Their memories of the war has left the Anadorians into a dour, suspicious people, aloof to strangers. The High Queen, Caelisa Syrrh, has decreed the primary objectives of her kingdom: serve the Mother Tree, support the growth of Nature, and fight the Black Shard’s forces. Every citizen has taken mandatory military training and has served at least two years under the Woodland Wardens, protectors of the Forest.

The Anadorians have three paths for their military force: the Druids, masters of the wild magic and caretakers of the Mother Tree; the Wardens, who guard the forest and defend the Witch Wall against the Scorched Land, and; the Pathfinders, intrepid scouts, explorers and cartographers who spy on Anador’s enemies and warn the capital against incursions.

The Anadorians know full well that the war would come again. When the Scorched Army goes back on the warpath, the Legion would be ready for them.